All about our sexy little boy.


Time really seems to fly when you’re in McFly

@elliegoulding: @idougahole Just said this rock was spoiling his view 😑


Dougie Poynter on Ellie Goulding's instagram; insp (x)

Hello beautiful people!

 I’m here to tell you about a new blog. A new Mcfly blog! Me and two friends manage the blog. So guys help us, follow our blog and have fun. We are for you and if you want more Mcfly on your dash there’s the right place.

Thank you so much.

Dougie Poynter 2004-2014 some photoshoots

"Life is awesome, so chill and stay positive.” - Dougie Poynter

Dougie Poynter @ the wedding of Danny Jones

the heart never lies - mcfly, 10th year anniversary
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